1. 2-WC67K雙機聯動數控板料折彎機





                 • 選用兩臺 WC67K 系列同規格主機,配置雙機聯動同步裝置。兩臺機床聯動可加工特長工作。兩臺機床還可同時單獨




                • Two WC67K series in same specification are chosen as main machine with double motor linkage synchrodevice
                   which may work together to process overlong workpiece or operate separately to increase production
                   efficiency defection copensation device is fitted, too. Mechanic and fluid servos with mechanic slider are
                   utilized in synchronous device. The stroke of upper slider and the position of rear apron are regulated
                   quickly by machine and microregulated by hand with electronic NC display.



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